Mel Korum Family YMCA


I have been a member of the YMCA for several years. I love to swim, do Yoga and work on the weight machines. I usually workout a minimum of 3 days a week, doing one or two of these workouts each time. I have enjoyed all the instructors and employees at the Y, because they are so cheerful and pleasant, it starts my day off with a bang! I have made several friends taking classes and swimming and look forward to seeing them each time.

Some days it is a struggle to get going in the morning, but I am always glad when I get to the Y that I have made the effort. I believe that my effort to exercise has kept me off all medications up to this point. After a recent outcome from a doctor’s visit, I found out that I will need surgery soon, but the doctor told me the more I exercise the quicker the recovery; so I hope keeping up this regiment will give me a good quality of life. I have met a couple of ladies that are in their 90’s and are still going strong doing Yoga and in the pool, this is such an inspiration it is to me! Thank you all!