Penny and Bruce

Lakewood Family YMCA

Most would agree that 16-year-old Penny and 93-year-old Bruce are unlikely friends. What could a seasoned war vet have in common with a spunky young aspiring writer? Plenty, it seems, as the two have become inseparable and can be seen meeting for coffee every Friday in the lobby of the Lakewood Family YMCA, as they have done for over a year now.
Penny and Bruce first met when Penny brought her little sister Piper into the Y for home school classes. They struck up a conversation while Penny waited for the class to end, discussing a variety of things, but mostly Bruce's early military service and Penny's book.
The budding author uses Bruce's experiences to form her plots and characters. Penny and Bruce are well known by many staff and members at the Y and have become so popular that they sometimes have to reserve a special room in order to have a focused discussion without interruption! They are a wonderful example of how the Y can bring all kinds of people together in friendship and community.

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