Pat N.

University Y Student Center

Pat Nagle is a Tacoma native who has been coming to the Y since the early '70s. As a kid, Pat spent countless hours at the Y while his father, Jack Nagle, was getting the Cardiac Program at the Y started.

“It was like a second home for us kids—lots of hoop, swimming and racquetball," said Pat.

Seeing the impact that his father made inspired Pat to make a difference as well. One program that really spoke to him was Young Adult Late Nite at the University Y Student Center, which gives youth between the ages of 19 and 24 a chance to participate in drop-in activities and make friends in a safe environment.

“I just loved what Phil [Carter] and everyone started with Late Nite way back when—it just made such good sense to bring kids into the gym instead of out on the streets. Get them around positive people in a warm, welcoming, friendly environment makes an incredible impact on their lives.”

Wanting to give back, Pat decided to partner with the University Y Student Center for Young Adult Late Nite and donate pizza from his Tacoma business, The Hub, every Friday.

“When you can change people’s lives by just being present—doing the little things that matter—it just resonates with me.”