Norman G.

Lakewood Family YMCA

Norman uses a mantra to motivate himself during a workout: "Never give up; never give in; never have regrets." One year ago, before adopting those three simple guidelines, Norman weighed 339 pounds. He could barely walk a mile without being totally exhausted and sore for days. His wife encouraged him to start on a path to healthier living by joining the Y. 
He started slowly, increasing his level of physical activity every day, starting to lift weights, and changing his diet. Despite being unable to exercise for three months after doctors discovered that he had a leg infection and a blood clot, he has lost 122 pounds.
"I can honestly say that my day is not fulfilling unless I am able to start the day off with a workout," Norman said. 
Norman insists that he doesn't want to be anyone's role model. This is a personal journey for himself, his wife, and his family. But when asked what he thinks others should focus on as they begin their own journey, his response is simple: "Never give up; never give in; never have regrets."