Nicole and Melisa P.

Haselwood Family YMCA

Twin sisters Nicole and Melisa Parsels were looking for a positive outlet for their desire to serve their community. They have experienced firsthand the confidence and self-fulfillment one can learn from volunteering at the Y's Teen Late Nite.

"I really just wanted to help give back to the community, and hopefully become a better person," Melisa says. "It has helped me become more confident in myself." 

The 15-year-old sisters believe Late Nite is a great opportunity for teens to enjoy a weekend evening in a safe, constructive environment. If Late Nite were not available to teens, Nicole says she doesn't know what activities would be available for them in Kitsap County. 

"Some people depend on it for their Friday and Saturday nights," Nicole says. "Parents know where their kids are, and that they're safe."

Nicole and Melisa moved to Kitsap County in the summer of 2011, and although they are not members of the Y, they firmly believe their involvement with Teen Late Nite has been a pivotal part of their acclimation here.

"I became more confident in myself," Nicole says.

"I'm more outgoing," Melisa says. "I find it's (now) easier to talk to people I don't know."