Nichole G.

University Y Student Center

After crawling on her hands and knees out of a Yoga class, Nichole thought she might just give up on her fitness goals for good. "I originally signed up at the Mel Korum Family YMCA. I thought it would help create the balance I needed," she admits. After some difficult Group Exercise classes and being out of breath more times that she could count, Nichole struggled to find the stamina to continue trying, but the encouragement of one caring person gave her the boost she needed to try again.
"After teaching a class, my yoga instructor came out to visit me on the elliptical I was on instead of her Yoga class, with no judgement in her eyes, and said she would be willing to work with me," said Nichole.
The encouragement was just what Nichole needed. She set out to explore all the different types of equipment and classes she felt bold enough to try out because of her staff supporter. 

"I want to be part of something greater than myself in my community, and the Y makes that possible," she explains.