Nathaniel C.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Not so long ago, Tacoma Center was closed. The renovation was for the locker room and our bathrooms, trying to be more welcoming. We did a lot of painting, we did a lot of moving of equipment and when the members came back, they were like, “Wow! This is awesome!” And I can honestly say that I was able to facilitate this. It wasn’t, I come to work, I do my job, and go home. It’s I come to work, and then I interact with so many people, in different positions and lifestyles, and I go home, but I look forward to coming to work the next day.

Being able to give back to a community that I’m relatively new to is fulfilling in its own way and being able to kinda make some money as well is a good thing, too!

It’s a family. It’s a community. It’s what the world should be like. And that’s how this job makes me feel.