Mohagani T.

University Y Student Center

Mohagani started coming to the University Y Student Center last September as a freshman majoring in Business at the University of Washington Tacoma. Before that, she attended Late Nite programs to escape being caught up in the wrong place with the wrong crowd.

“I came to the UY at first because I wanted to become healthier and get better at taking care of myself, but now I come because I am an employee and I like being a part of the place that changed my life for the better. I enjoy making people feel like they have a place to come to feel comfortable and to change their lives,” said Mohagani.

Now Mohagani’s favorite thing to do at the UY is going to work! “The people here and the atmosphere is something you cannot get anywhere else… I don’t know what I would do without the UY or the YMCA in general.”

Being a part of the UY has changed Mohagani’s life for the better. “Coming to the Y has made me feel like I fit in somewhere and that I belong. I’ve never felt more like myself in one place,” said Mohagani. “I get to connect with people with different backgrounds who have been places that I haven’t been and have seen things that I wish to see one day. The community at the YMCA is like a family and I’m so happy that I get to be a part of it.”

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