Michael M.

Bremerton Family YMCA

It's a regular occurrence to see Michael passionately participating in Zumba classes at the  Y. In fact, he's such a regular part of the experience that it's hard to imagine a time when he wasn't involved; but Michael remembers.

He was in a pattern of struggle to reclaim control over his weight, his diet, and his physical health. He lacked the motivation and the resources to overcome his barriers. So when he heard his brother and sister-in-law discussing their love for Zumba at the Y, it piqued his curiosity. In 2013 they invited him to join them in a Zumba class and it was an immediate fit. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, he felt inspired. Instead of feeling like work, exercise, for the first time, felt fun.

"I love the Y," said Michael. "It's such a welcoming place. The employees here are filled with compassion to help their members any way they can."

 Since he first joined the Y two years ago, Michael has lost an astonishing 72 pounds! He's an inspiration to the YMCA staff and living proof of the transformational power of relationship and hard work.