Micaela D.

YMCA Camp Seymour

I went to camp in 6th grade. It was a school trip and since then I wanted to work there as a camp counselor. I got that chance the summer of 2014. It was the most rewarding job in the world and probably the best job I've ever had. Camp gives you so much and you learn so much about the world and yourself too and I think that's why I liked it so much. But never did I think I would meet the love of my life because of camp. When camp ended in August I went home, and soon after tons of pictures started popping up of camp. I felt very homesick (or camp sick I guess). There was one picture of my coworker and Pappy together and I ended up liking someone's comment on it. He ended up messaging me with "You worked at camp? Respect." I guess he worked at camp too, but way before I worked there. Because of our backgrounds and experiences at Camp Seymour, it brought us together. We shared that love of camp and we just seemed perfect for each other. He proposed to me December 26th 2014 and since then it's been nothing but beauty and wonderful experiences. Because of Camp Seymour... Because of our connection to that magical place, we are spending the rest of our lives together. If it weren't for camp, I would have never met him. Now, I am even more happy that I took that chance as a camp counselor.