Melissa and Conor

As the school year was ending, Melissa was looking for a summer camp for her 9-year-old son, Conor. Conor has autism and tends to lose language skills whenever there's a big change in his routine. Melissa hoped that a summer camp would help him retain his social and verbal skills while having fun.

Then, one of Conor's teachers suggested Melissa look into the Y's Power Scholars program. Power Scholars helps children with academic support to prevent summer learning loss, while also incorporating games and activities to foster their social and emotional development.

One of Conor's counselors in the Power Scholars program had a special education background and was able to create a personalized plan for him to reinforce and build on what he was learning during the academic year.

Over the course of the program, Melissa noticed her son's language skills explode. She could see his self-esteem rising and knew Conor was also making friends and having a good time.

"They did their assessment at the beginning and at the end and the growth was just huge," Melissa says.

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