Megan M.

University Y Student Center

Megan's Y journey started over 13 years ago at the age of 16. She proudly shares that the first thing she did when she got her driver's license was head straight to the Mel Korum YMCA on South Hill and sign up for a membership so she could hit the early morning classes. "I recall my mom telling me, 'Megan, you don't have time to go to the gym! You will never use your membership.' And boy, did I prove her wrong!”

Megan was a member at the Mel Korum YMCA for about 4-5 years and became a spin instructor.

She made many friends at the Y who got her into triathlons.  “I was hooked! From there, I started racing triathlons pretty competitively. Before I was 24 I had completed 3 full distant iron mans, several half iron mans, and dozens of sprints and Olympic distance."

The Y came to be a huge part of Megan's life and identity. "All of my closest friends and some who I love and trust the most have also been those that I have shared an evening boot camp class with, swam laps in the pool with, rode bikes and ran from the Y with," said Megan. "Literally, the Y and the people who come here, have made me who I am today.”

Like a hero out of a superhero movie, Megan goes from cop in the day to power lifter by night! “There is nothing better for the soul than a good sweat session! When I have had a busy day and feel stressed from work, a lovely treadmill session or heavy lifting routine does the body and mind right.”

She’s been to many gyms but found something more special at ehe Y. “You won’t find the same genuine, kind, and smiling people there as you do at the Y.”

Her current favorite thing to do at the Y is to lift weights! “I definitely could not have done it without all my supportive friends at the gym assisting me by showing me how to correctly do certain lifts or how to work specific machines. The Y is more then a gym to me... It's a huge, diverse family! I can't say how much I truly love this place and I appreciate the opportunity to tell my story!”