Mark D.

Morgan Family YMCA

You may know him. If you don't know him, you've probably seen him around. Maybe he was stocking the Cardio Room with clean towels or pushing around a cart to collect the used ones. Maybe he was asking who the Mariners play next or if you planned on watching the Seahawks on Sunday. For the past 26 years (over half his life), Mark Drangstveit has been a staple at the Morgan Family YMCA, where he volunteers every Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm.

Mark is a delight to both members and staff, especially the facilities crew. "He is so much help. You really feel the difference when he's not here," says custodian Galina. He will brighten your day with his humor. Another volunteer reports, "When you are feeling busy or stressed, Mark always has something funny to say that will just make your day. He is definitely a huge part of our Y family."

In addition to taking care of our members and staff, Mark is taking good care of himself these days. He spends 30 minutes each day on a stationary bike to improve his health. The next time you see Mark stocking towels, feel free to give him your thanks and encouragement. But be sure to brush up on your local sports teams before you do, because he'll be sure to ask you a question or two!