Louise S.

Gordon Family YMCA

To Louise Snow, the Gordon Family YMCA means happiness, health, and home- "home" meaning that the Gordon Family YMCA stands today where her childhood home once stood.

"It's never brought me sadness to know that my parents' house was torn down. It brought me so much joy to know what this was going to mean to the community," Louise shares. 

By the time the project began, she and her husband were already well familiar with the value of the Y, having joined five years ago after retiring.  It is a top priority in their life, helping them feel more energized and connected. Taking classes like Core and More and Cycling has brought her so much joy in meeting new people, feeling more energized, and has been therapeutic while staying healthy.

On grand opening day, her granddaughter reflected on her memories at her great grandparents' house with quirky lawn fixtures and a tradition of giving away their homegrown vegetables to their neighbors and friends. To the Snows, the opening of the Gordon Family YMCA meant that the same spirit of community service and generosity that defined their home would live on for generations to come 

The Gordon Family YMCA has been a joy to share with the family. Louise brought her brother to visit the facility, who took one look inside and knew that the change was right. When she brought her grandson in for the first time, she dropped him off in Child Watch, the place her house once stood. It meant so much to her to see her grandson play where her footprints once were. 

"Giving back to the community is what my parents believed in and taught us growing up. I'm emotional thinking about how happy they would be."