Tacoma Center YMCA

Liza is one of Tacoma Center's brilliant Yoga instructors. She offers a strong, balanced practice that integrates the mind, body, and spirit and opens students to what's truly possible for them. She reminds her students to stay within the present moment, allowing breath and focus to draw them into their practice where they may experience the fullest expression of themselves in every second.

When Liza is not teaching or practicing yoga, she enjoys spending time outdoors and considers herself an amateur naturalist who delights in sharing her knowlede about native plans and wildlife. As an English teacher, volunteer, and student, Liza has traveled abroad to places like Spain, Costa Rica, and Mexico, but she has always maintained a deep relationship with her home region, the Pacific Northwest. Wherever Liza goes, she brings her yoga practice to share with others, finding over and over that it is possible to connect with one another through sharing an experience in spirit, mind, and body.