Liz H.

University Y Student Center

Previously intimated by other fitness facilities, Liz could never quite get a handle on the healthy lifestyle thing. She recalls, "I never felt like I belonged." So she was surprised to discover how quickly everything clicked for her when she joined the newly opened University Y Student Center as a part of University of Washington Tacoma's Student Engagement team.

To what does she attribute her success? A combination of things: the proximity of the Y to her downtown Tacoma office, the accessibility of the Health and Well-being staff team, and the unlikely sense of enjoyment that continually surprises her. "The Y makes fitness fun for me," she admits. "I never would have thought that was possible."

Liz also has noticed how much the Y has benefited the students at the University of Washington Tacoma. "The Y has given them a place to gather and hangout," she explains. "Students may not be as inclined to work out or stay on campus longer if it wasn't for the Y offering such spirited and appealing programs in a safe environment - especially for our commuter students."