Libby B.

Lakewood Family YMCA

When Libby first walked into the Lakewood Family YMCA, she had two goals: Lose weight and work up the courage to get in the pool. She knew that water exercise was a great way to get a cardio workout and burn calories and she was determined not to let her fear of the water get in the way of getting healthier.

Libby signed up for adult swim lessons to learn basic water skills and strokes. As she learned and grew more comfortable, she even started enjoying her time in the pool and found herself swimming almost every day.

“I started as a beginner, unable to swim at all,” Libby said. “Now, I am able to swim almost like a pro with my instructors, Yasuko and Ann, by my side. I went from being afraid of the water to loving it.”

Libby also started attending Water Aerobics classes, where she made new friends who supported her and kept her motivated to reach her goals. Over the course of five months, she lost 25 pounds. Now, Libby is looking forward to her next challenge.

“My next goal is to make it onto the Masters Swim Team. I believe I can do it.”

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