Laura Jane B.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Laura Jane Brougher was a competitive paddle boarder until she became unable to compete due to the extreme pain left over from an automobile accident. After the accident, Laura's pain was so severe that it left her unable to maintain the regimen necessary to keep her in the kind of shape that would allow her to participate in and enjoy the sport at a competitive level.
Laura came to the Y with a plan to attempt to rehab her injury. She discovered the Y had the two things she was seeking to be successful, a weight room and, more importantly, a support network. She learned that, at the Y, an athlete can go through the struggles of personal rehab with community support and not be judged during its trial and error stage. 
After six months of hard work, rehab, and an atmosphere of grace, Laura found the strength to get back on the horse (or in her case, the board.) In April of 2015, she competed in the Gig Harbor Paddler Cup.