Kurt H.

Haselwood Family YMCA

Kurt has spent a lifetime giving back to the community. A former teacher, school administrator, and athletics coach, he found his purpose in serving and guiding community youth. When he arrived at the Y, he was unaccustomed to receiving guidance himself.
Kurt sustained a devastating knee injury while attempting to stop a football player from toppling over a small sideline bulkhead. While most were moving out of the way of the play, something inside him instantly told him he needed to assure the safety of the oncoming player. The collision left his knee shredded, and the ensuing surgeries were unsuccessful, to say the least. 
"When people would visit and ask 'How are you doing?' my response would be 'This side of the dirt,' or 'Just fighting to stay away from the wheel chair,'" Kurt says. 
He came to the YMCA in an attempt to rehab his knee and credits the staff members' attentive approach as the reason his health is the best it has been in years. He recalls how good it felt when they took time to bond with him throughout his journey back to mobility. He has lost nearly 50 pounds since January 2015 and loves connecting with other YMCA members. 
 "I feel guilty if I don't come," he says. "I have to come in and sweat somehow."