YMCA Child Care

When Kiara started summer camp at the Y, she struggled to express herself and follow instructions. When she felt frustrated, she would shut down and act out. Kiara’s mom, Ashley, was worried that Kiara was going to feel like everyone was giving up on her.

After a few weeks of intentional work from staff in partnership with Ashley, Kiara stopped running away from her group, started to participate in camp activities, and started communicating her feelings instead of acting out. Kiara’s confidence grew and even organized fellow campers in the mornings to create their own skits and perform them during morning campfires.

“The YMCA has been great to me and my children,” said Ashley. “This summer has been very challenging for Kiara and I had a wonderful experience having support from the YMCA with her in many ways. Without all of their help I don’t believe we could have made it here.”