Keri B.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Keri and her husband started coming to the Y to get healthy and for a place of healing after suffering multiple miscarriages. With a strong desire to become parents, they became licensed foster parents.

Alex came into their lives after spending his first four weeks of life in the ICU due to in utero drug exposure. For three months he suffered from seizures and hearing loss, which resulted in weekly doctor appointments and therapy. When Keri learned the Y offered free memberships for foster children, she signed Alex up and got enrolled in swim lessons.

“His brain was so overwhelmed with sensation,” said Keri. “He was tense, high-strung, and wouldn’t make eye contact. But once we got in the water he immediately calmed down.”

As Alex learned to acclimate to his surroundings, Keri was thrilled to learn she was pregnant. When her daughter was born she and her husband continued to use the Y for help and support. In August 2016, Alex was officially adopted. He and his sister are now regulars at the Y, swimming and playing in Toddler Gym as a family.

“It was a huge help for us, to have this for them,” said Keri. “Coming to the Y changed our whole family.”