Keona H.

YMCA Camp Seymour

It was Keona first time at a sleep away camp and without a doubt, the excitement never ended. Some people get nervous or a little homesick but not Keona, she was so excited for the first day of camp. “I had heard so many great things about Camp Seymour and was ready to have fun,” says Keona.

Throughout the week Keona participated in various activities such as flash fiction (storytelling), photography and arts and crafts which were her favorite. She was able to express her creative side which a lot of people noticed and commented on. Meg, Keona’s counselor, says that she was an inspiration to be around. “I was so impressed by your creativity in flash fiction, listening to your story ideas and your sense of humor always put a smile on other camper’s faces,” said counselor, Meg.

Another great accomplishment for Keona was accepting the challenge of the blue rag. “My goal is to be patience. That is something that I learned here at camp and can work on at home” explained Keona.

Keona believes that the connections she has made here at camp was most important to her and hopes she can continue this journey as a camper. “Camp is different than back at home. It’s less stressful, and I can be myself and make new friends.” Keona Hausinger