Kenny T.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Kenny began attending Tacoma Center's Late Nite program about four years ago. It made such an impact on him that he was determined to attend no matter what it took. Still too young to actually participate, Kenny admits to sneaking into the program.

"It was a safe place to hang out and be with my friends," he recalls. He would get a bunch of his school friends together and bring them to the Late Nite where they would all play basketball until the night was over. 

Today Kenny continues his passion for Late Nite as an official leader in the program. He works on Friday nights as a gym supervisor and a supervisor for the new middle schoolers who are looking for a fun and safe place to be.
The Y filled gave Kenny a sense of family, safety, and belonging. He's excited for the opportunity to extend that sense to a community of kids just like him.