Ken W.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

World War II veteran Ken Wheeler has a courageous background. In 1944, when his B17 Bomber was shot down, he was forced to parachute over enemy-occupied Croatia. His parachute caught in a large fir tree, where he dangled 30 feet above the ground until he was able to free himself. He struggled to survive for two weeks before reaching safety in an Italian hospital. 
Ken maintains an active lifestyle and visits the Y regularly. With the guidance of Health and Well-being coaches Ron and Dutch, he rides the recumbent bike, works out on a leg press machine, and walks the track. 
 "The Y has brought the focus and discipline of a regular exercise program," said Ken. 
Ken and his wife, Sharon, travel often. After turning 91-years-old, he celebrated by going indoor sky diving. "The experience was fun since I knew I was going to land safely."