Ken and Linda S.

Morgan Family YMCA

Very few people can honestly claim to have beaten the legendary Arnold Palmer in a game of golf. But Ken Still accomplished just that in 1969 when he not only won three PGA tours, but also edged out Mr. Palmer for a spot in the Ryder Cup. While certainly noteworthy, this is not the only major physical accomplishment Ken Still can claim. 
When he was 25 years old, Ken endured a traumatic experience when he nearly drowned and had to be resuscitated. From that point on, he refused to go near a pool. It was a defining incident in his life. But Ken?s wife Linda recognized that as the two of them grew older, their need for physical activity became more and more apparent. 
"You cannot overemphasize the importance of flexibility for older adults," she says. Linda began attending our Healthy Joints class, which, as it would happen, is held in the pool. Ken was not eager to join her; she had her membership for eight years before she coaxed him into giving it a try. 
Ken credits the dedication of the staff with easing his transition, singling out former employee Tabitha Marler as the one who cured his aquatic fear. Today, Ken and Linda regularly attend Healthy Joints as a couple, and they couldn't be happier. When asked why he loves the Y, Ken answers, "It gets me in shape, the people are so nice, and it's just fun!"