Ken B.

Haselwood Family YMCA

The SUV was traveling 55 miles per hour – roughly the distance of the Haselwood YMCA basketball court in a single second. Ken was on his bike when the vehicle struck him, sending him over the hood of the car and through the front windshield.

“I had the tunnel and light vision,” Ken says.

Doctors told him his physical lifestyle would likely be over. With multiple bone breaks, including a major compound fracture in his leg and a broken shoulder, his days of bike riding for miles would be a distant memory.

Ken, however, believed otherwise. After having the tunnel and light vision for a fourth time, he realized it wasn’t the angels coming to take him away, but instead, it was “reassurance from the good Lord” that he would overcome his accident.

The Y had been a part of Ken’s life for many years, so 10 months after his accident he was back.

“Every day I came through that front door I was given incredible encouragement,” Ken says.
He rehabbed his injuries more. He incorporated water fitness into his regimen and connected with Houston, Haselwood YMCA aquatics coordinator, who had experienced a similar accident. The hard work has paid off as just two years later his physical fitness is at such a high level that many strangers would have no idea of his devastating accident.

“The body, mind and spirit are all interconnected,” Ken says. “My tank had to be refilled and the Y helped with that.”