Kat V.

Kat's Y Story began at the age of seven, when she would accompany her mother to her group aerobics class. "I have seen my mother overcome so many challenges, and I saw how not only fitness was therapeutic for her, but the group itself was, too," she says. "I immediately saw how the Y was more than a gym, because it brought people together to form important friendships and support one another outside the walls of the facility.”

As Kat grew up, she began taking fitness classes herself and benefitted greatly from the relationships she formed at the Y. After college, she knew that she wanted to work at the Y, and began her position as a Marketing and Communications Assistant less than a year after Gordon Family YMCA opened. “Seeing how things work has been amazing,” she says. “Now I understand what makes the Y such a good place: The staff here are as caring to one another as they are to members.”

Kat’s mother still attends her fitness classes, and Kat is proud to say that she has grown up at the Y!