Kat G.

Lakewood Family YMCA

Primarily a participant in dance, Kat has been a member of the Y since she was five-years-old. In 2012 Kat was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and the pain from the lower curve of her spine kept her from physical activity, including dance, for most of the year.

After discovering various methods to relieve her pain, Kat returned to dance in 2013. Her pain is still prevalent during her activities, but it is Kat's love for dance that keeps her motivated to continue pushing through the pain.

"It is a wall I can one day get over and today I am halfway there," said Kat. "The Y is a fun place and everyone should come here." 

 As a dancer, Kat appreciates her ability to express emotion without words in addition to the adrenaline rush and sense of accomplishment she feels when she is in class and performing. As a member of the Fly Dance Company, Kat has the opportunity to perform within the community. Without the YMCA and the accommodations made for her scoliosis, this would not be possible.