Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Battling depression and obesity, Karina felt trapped. She weighed 205 pounds and couldn’t see any way to get on a path toward a healthier lifestyle.

“It was like being incarcerated,” Karina says. “I didn’t know how to get out of this, and I lost my motivation to even try to get out. I lacked connections with other people that would help me thrive.”

Karina was at a crossroads. So, in a last ditch effort to get healthy, Karina decided she had to make a drastic change and started a membership at the Tom Taylor Family YMCA. There she started taking water exercise classes. Over time, Karina not only lost weight, but felt such an improvement in her health and well-being that she decided to become a water exercise instructor.

Now 82 pounds lighter, Karina is a popular instructor and a regular presence on the pool deck at the Y. As she reflects on her journey towards a healthier living, she remembers what a friend once told her.

“Just give a prayer to God and help others. Don’t store your talents,” Karina says.

Through her courage, she was able to overcome her circumstances, and through the help she received at the Tom Taylor Y, she is now able to help others as well.