Julius L.

University Y Student Center

A lady came in and she wasn’t feeling up to par. She was upset about a recent diagnosis. I box here a lot and train, so I grabbed by gloves, took her up to the speed bag, I showed her how to hit so she won’t hurt herself and let her get her frustrations out. Everybody goes through personal stuff, but her fight and what she was dealing with made me say, “I’m gonna keep fighting, too.” She was my inspiration that day.

When I get here in the morning, I start off with making sure the machines are clean. You know, they get dusty, and when someone gets on them, I want them to be clean. I check the bathrooms; I make sure the sinks are clean. I walk around the building and pick up towels, we might mop spills. You want people to see that this is a clean building.

I started working at the Y because I really just wanted a different job to have better pay and spend more time with my family. And people might think being a custodian is the lowest of the low, but it gives you a lot of self-pride because we can say we did this.

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