Joseph J.

University Y Student Center

For as long as he can remember, Joseph has always been part of the Y, but when the new University Y Student Center opened in January of 2015, he got especially excited. "I love the University Y because of the partnership the Y has with the University of Washington Tacoma, the college-aged demographic programming and the gorgeous facility," he says.

Prior to finding the Y, Joseph was a member of several local gyms. As an active member of the United States military, he even had access to the state-of-the-art fitness facilities on base. He chose the Y over other "swim and gyms" because of its mission and the sense of community he had been craving.

"I really missed the social interactions," explains Joseph. "At other gyms, staff or other members just never spoke to me. At the Y, I felt like I was actually part of the family."

Joseph credits the friendly and outgoing membership staff at University Y Student Center and Intramural Sports as the icing on the cake that made him decide for good that the Y was going to be part of his DNA for life.

"People at the Y take time to get to know you. They even help you out if you need a spotter in the weight room!" Joseph adds that the inclusivity of the Y really touches his heart, and he enjoys seeing organizations, like the Y, truly standing for the "good" of the community by offering free memberships for foster children, community outreach, and program subsidies for those who could not afford to call this place "home."