Jon W.

Bremerton Family YMCA

Jon was raised in a home school setting on a dirt road. "Although I got a good education, I didn't have other kids around all the time to socialize with, PE coaches, access to a gym, or anything like that."

In order to help with the social aspect of his development, Jon was given the opportunity to use the YMCA for swimming lessons, physical education, and social interaction with other children. During these times he grew as both a student and a person.

"Without these programs, I wouldn't be the same person I am today." Jon has now chosen to give opportunities to others like the ones he was given. As a 12-Week Coach he not only helps people with their physical transformations, but also builds lasting relationships in the process.

"The relationships I've made and maintained here have given me a great support network and I never feel like I don't have anything to do or anyone to turn to."