JoAnn H.

Tom Taylor Family YMCA

For most of her life, JoAnn struggled with her weight. but following a cancer diagnosis in 2016, she knew she needed to improve her overall health. That's when her healthcare provider suggested that she sign up for the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. Before her first class at the Tom Taylor Family YMCA, she was nervous.

“I entered the program not knowing how much physical fitness activities would be planned for us,” JoAnn says. “In the second session of the first week we started assessments and that was not easy but I felt a lot of encouragement and support right from the beginning.”

As JoAnn’s confidence grew, she began to branch out into other programs and activities offered at the Y.  She now participates in Low Impact Cardio and yoga, uses the weight machines, and plays Wally Ball and racquetball.

“I used to be slow as a snail on sleep medicine, but now I have zip in my step. What you hear most often and from day one from the LIVESTRONG coaches is: If you’re moving, you’re doing it right.”

Increased exercise and healthier eating habits have helped JoAnn become more mobile, build muscle strength, improve flexibility, and boost her confidence. Two years after her diagnosis, she's taking fewer medications and her prognosis is good. She loved the program so much that she decided to become a LIVESTRONG volunteer, so that she can help other cancer patients and survivors.

“I look forward to volunteering and working with Dani and Diana, the coaches that supported me through my journey," JoAnn says. "I have learned that graduation from the LIVESTRONG program does not mean the end of your LIVESTRONG life. Since my graduation, several alumni activities have been planned for us and we are able to get together as a group. The support is wonderful and is always something I look forward to.”

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