Mel Korum Family YMCA

The Rec Gymnastics classes participated in a coin drive for this year's Annual Campaign. When 5 year-old Jazelle heard about the coin drive she was very excited because she knew she had a full piggy bank at home.

Once the Gymnastics Director explained the cause behind the Annual Campaign to Jazelle's mom, both of them thought it would be a good idea for Jazelle to donate her WHOLE piggy bank. When she brought in the piggy bank, she explained that she did her own campaign to raise even more money. According to her mom, Jazelle called everyone in her family and asked them to bring all their change to a family get together over the weekend.

We all celebrated as Jazelle emptied her full piggy bank into the coin drive and her generosity started a pattern with classmates deciding to donate their change to help make a change. Thank you Jazelle for your giving spirit and for setting a great example!