Jasmyn C.

Haselwood Family YMCA

During Jasmyn's first swimming lesson in California over a year ago, the instructor had students jump into the deep end of the pool. When it was Jasmyn's turn, she boldly complied, but found herself unable to stay afloat. She began to sink and had to be rescued, which caused her significant trauma and left her deeply afraid of the water.
"She was not really interested in swimming and was pretty much worried with going into the water," said Jasmyn's father, Ed.
When she began her lessons at the Y, the instructor, Fitz, could sense her distress at the memory of her first swim experience. His aspiration to help Jasmyn lead him to request a scholarship for private lessons. He knew it would take many months to break through, but both he and Jasmyn were determined to rid her of her fear. 
Jasmyn's parents believe Fitz's careful approach and his unwavering confidence in her made her feel comfortable while in the pool. They met multiple times each week and, little by little, Jasmyn's confidence increased. Seven months after her first swim lesson with Fitz, Jasmyn can now jump into the water on her own and cannot contain her smile while in the pool.
"The incremental steps (Fitz has) taken allowed Jasmyn to learn about the water and remove her fears," says Ed. "It's really above and beyond my expectations as a parent."