Jarad B.

Lakewood Family YMCA

Jarad and Becky were excitedly awaiting the arrival of their first child when Jarad noticed that he weighed more than he ever had before. Seeing the choices Becky was making to manage her gestational diabetes caused him to reevaluate his own lifestyle.

Motivated by his wife and a desire to start their family off on the right foot, he set himself a modest goal to lose 10 pounds over three months. So, Jarad started working out regularly at the Y, started to pay attention to what he was eating, and cut out soda and sugary drinks. It was around this time that he was introduced to John, who was looking for a racquetball partner. The two started playing twice a week and Jarad started to notice that he was looking better and feeling better.

"Through the motivation to eat healthier and the bond of friendship John and I made on the court, I was able to exceed my goal in ways I never imagined," Jarad says.

With the due date rapidly approaching, has Jarad lost 17 pounds in two months, just in time to welcome their daughter, Eleanor, into the world.