Jacqui D.

Morgan Family YMCA

Jacqui joined the Y in 2012. She wanted to get in better shape and lose a few pounds, so she decided to try a boot camp class. At first she was a bit overwhelmed by how challenging the class was, but the people were so welcoming, and the atmosphere was so positive that she decided to continue attending. In fact, it inspired her to dream bigger than she ever had before and to wonder what was possible for her.
"The instructors were so great, and they asked me (and all of us in the class) to push ourselves to our very limits," said Jaqui. "I found myself quickly getting stronger and feeling really good!"
Jacqui rose to the challenge. Since joining the Y, she has accomplished things she never thought she would, including her first 5k and the completion of two mud runs.
"Crossing the finish line of a race when you've never really run more than a few blocks is the most amazing feeling in the world," she says. "The Y is such an amazing community. It has really helped me to get through stressful times. I will always be a member. I'm a lifer now. I'm proud to be a part of this amazing organization!"