Tom Taylor Family YMCA

Jacob and his friends come to 6,7,8 Nite each week. They like to play basketball and enjoy the nice environment and friendly people. Jacob loves that 6,7,8 Nite allows him to get out of the house on a Friday night and let loose. 

Jacob appreciates that staff always ask how he is doing at school, home, and how his night is going.

“I’ve noticed that participating in 6,7,8 Nite has helped me become less competitive and have more patience with younger participants or people that are not quite as skilled as me,” said Jacob. “6,7,8 Nite has helped me at home too. I am better at controlling my anger with my little brother by being more patient and understanding.”

As the Jacob continues to build his current friendships, he looks forward to building the friendships he have discovered at the Y as well.