Jackie F.

Bremerton Family YMCA

Jackie says her Y story begins with a "better late in life then never,” attitude. She had not really exercised since high school sports. As the years crept up, so did the scale and so did the aches and pains of aging. Her joints were hurting; knees, ankles and hips. Jackie saw a Rheumatoid Arthritis Specialist and he said to get more exercise! She could feel her body weakening with each year passing.

Then Jackie read where George Burns was quoted as saying that he began his exercise program at age 50. She was just turning 50 and decided that she needed to do this for her and the next chapter of her life. It was at that point that she joined the Bremerton Family YMCA in late 2003. At first, she came after work and soon realized that if she was going to commit to her exercise program that she had better start her day with the Y!

Jackie would do the elliptical then head to the weight room, like clock work. It was an acceptable workout, but then she was told by the Y staff that there was an early morning Yoga class with Georgia. “It was great and I loved the group exercise concept,” Jackie stated. With Yoga, and once the boot camp class with Sheila began, Jackie realized that she was pushed and motivated by the group exercise concept. “I am a regular in the 5:30am Boot Camp class with Austin and the 5:30am Cycling class with Leslie.”

Jackie loves the friendships that she has made and truly has a YMCA family. She knows the staff by first name, their warmth and friendliness bring her entire Y experience full circle. Lastly, she says, with her exercise and working her muscles and core, her joints do not hurt at all!!!! She feels like she is getting stronger with each passing year! “Thank you Austin, Leslie and the Bremerton Family YMCA!"