Jack B.

Gordon Family YMCA

Jack started coming to the Gordon Family YMCA a short time after it had opened. Instantly, he was enamored with the facility and said to himself how lucky he felt to have such a beautiful facility so close by to where he lives. When he started, he would be doing workouts sporadically while his wife would participate in 'Mixxed Fit.'

Although he enjoyed the facility and did his own workouts, Jack started to feel a little bored. It wasn’t until he started noticing all the different classes around that he became intrigued with the thought of doing more. In particular, it was the circuit training classes that caught his eye where things are switched up and engaging at all times. He admits that as intrigued as he was, there was an element of hesitation due to some personal anxiety; "We all experience that at times where you are the new person and not sure on exactly what to do when you take these classes. In some ways, it’s the idea of being the new kid on the block that gives us this anxiety."

That quickly faded for Jack as he started participating in classes. Jack has a try one thing approach that has served him well. He uses this as a means to try one class or program that he has never done and to not worry about trying everything, as that can be overwhelming. He eventually found a community here at Gordon. Being here became less about just working out and seeing progress and more about him enjoying the experience. He notes, “I love being around the people here.” To Jack, this is the real reason why he continues to come to the Y. Through his experiences, Jack has met some of his best friends here. At this point, he can’t imagine what his life would be like if he did not take that chance and sign up.

One piece of advice Jack has for others who are curious about the Y is that you get to choose how much of yourself to want to put in. If you are someone who is not as social, you can come here do your workouts and not be bothered. But if you are someone that needs a push, then there are plenty of classes full of people who will be there to encourage you on your journey.

Fun Fact: For his 50th birthday, his Group EX class with Sam dedicated a workout day for him where everything was geared towards the number 50. Jack had a goal of 50 pushups in a row and the whole class motivated him as he hit 51 pushups!

“You’d be surprised about what the Y has to offer”

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