Gordon Family YMCA

They say your life begins outside of your comfort zone. For soon to be 11 years old Grace, she has been living outside of her comfort zone for a very long time. She has been attending the Y for over 3 years and has been involved in almost every youth program that the Y has to offer. These classes range anywhere from swimming to rock climbing.

Her main area of focus has always been our Arts department and specifically dance. Grace has been dancing since the age of 2 and it is something that has helped her break out of her shell. Dance has always given Grace the ability to be herself as well as showcase her talent. Through dance, she has been able to establish friendships with others and build a sense of community among her friends. Grace was recently involved in the Gordon Family YMCA’s formal dance recital “Into the Cosmos”. The lead up to the event was intense but in the end, this was something that she feels extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Grace encourages others her age to get involved in the Y because it is a great place to burn all that energy that you have inside. Also, if you are looking to meet new friends this is the perfect place to do so. She has learned a lot about the importance of values as that is something that the Y has taught her throughout her time here. Grace definitively feels as though the staff here play an important role in why she enjoys it here. She mentions that if you ever need anything staff are always here to answer questions and make you feel safe. Grace loves Ms. Kristin especially because she is a great dance teacher and she is very nice and kind. Those supportive relationships are huge factors that her family feels as helped Grace grow.

Those around Grace have noticed her growth during her time at the Y. Her confidence has improved in her dance abilities and as well as her social skills. Ms. Kristin had mentioned how far Grace has come in dance from the very beginning to where she is now.

In the short amount of time talking to Grace, you get someone that is mature beyond her years. Someone who takes full advantage of opportunities that are presented her way. But of course, her star shines brightest when she is on stage performing. So in the end, comfort zones do not exist only new experiences and brighter days are in her future.

“A good place to be”


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