Gaye Lynn N.

Tacoma Center YMCA

When Gaye Lynn first came to the Y, she didnt know the difference of a dumbbell from a body bar. All she knew after more than 30 years of teaching math and home economics was that she had been assigned to teach junior high physical education and she better get into shape - quick.

As a mentally active 60-year-old woman, Gaye Lynn struggled with health and wellness even as a young child. But what really impressed her was the supportive staff she met.

"This was to be no small achievement," attests Gaye Lynn. "First, I was encouraged to get in the pool to build up my endurance.The staff at the Y responded with the empathy and guidance to get me started."

Once her confidence was built in the water, she moved to try Group Fitness classes. She found community by joining Women on Weights (WOW). After hard work and dedication, Gaye Lynn says her prayers were answered.

"I have been able to keep up with my junior high students as their PE teacher thanks to the terrific staff at the Y."