Fatu T.

University Y Student Center

Fatu Tuupo found motivation to improve his grades, not just make his parents proud, but to have the opportunity to work for the University Y Student Center. 

"I had to juggle work, school, and other activities while bringing up my grades, which was a good training process," said Fatu. "I am willing to put in the time to keep my grades up."

Majoring in social welfare with a double minor in education and business administration, Fatu is involved in many facets of university life. From clubs to classes and his job as the intramural student coordinator, Fatu has seen firsthand how the Y is benefitting students across campus.

Unlike the categorizing of people Fatu experienced in high school, he now helps create engaging and fun experiences for diverse student groups to join together in lively games of dodgeball, volleyball, and more.

"I love this place," said Fatu. "I feel like I belong here."