Ezra F.

Morgan Family YMCA

Ezra Fournier's grandma was a bit concerned about his future. As a seventh grader, he recalls being "chubby" and creating mischief a little too often. "Nothing like stealing or anything- we just had too much time on our hands, so we'd get into trouble," said Ezra. So Grandma drew the only reasonable conclusion she could imagine: she told Ezra it was time for him to join the Y. 
Belonging to the Y gave Ezra some much needed structure and relationships. "A lot of my good friends, I met here at the Y. Antoney and I were basically raised together here," said Ezra. Since joining the Y, Ezra, now 18, has improved his decision making, his fitness, and his grades. He found a home on the basketball court and in the weight room. Now a senior at Foss High School, he will graduate this year with a 3.0 GPA and plans on attending Bates Technical College, where he will train to become a fire fighter. 
As he watches his grandma get a little older and struggle with joint pain, he's taken the initiative she instilled in him to encourage her to join the Y for herself. "I know the senior classes would be good for her," he says. The gift of the Y has come full circle. As a Y member and a Late Nite participant, Ezra is a walking testimonial to the values that the Y instilled in him. He is a respectful, responsible, honest, and caring young man with a bright future.