Gordon Family YMCA

Like most things, the key to sustained success is variety, variety, variety. “I love variety,” says Erika, a member at the Gordon Family YMCA. “Which is why I enjoy the various programs available to me at the Y.” This is a huge understatement! Erika can proudly say that she has participated in nearly every group fitness class offered by Gordon. She particularly enjoys MIXXEDFIT and Zumba classes, but her love of variety keeps her motivated to try more. She has recently finished Kettlebell training and is currently in the small group class Women on Weights! “The Y has helped me create a disciplined lifestyle when it comes to my fitness and the fitness of my family,” Erika says. “It’s a place that allows me to be consistent.”

Erika’s consistency can be easily seen in her relationship with her WOW instructor, Randi, as well as Shannon our personal trainer extraordinaire here at Gordon. “These two ladies have been wonderful to learn from,” says Erika, who has also graduated from the Y’s Fitpath program in the Activtrax system. “I look forward to learning more from them and continuing on with this journey as a part of my lifestyle for the rest of my life.”

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