Edward S.

Morgan Family YMCA

"To have this place to go to, and feel safe and comfortable is a true blessing."

"For many people the YMCA was their first stop on the road to gaining back their health and fitness," said Edward. "For me, it was my second stop."

Edward had been running for a few months and getting his life and health back into order, after wasting away many of his important and vital years. He had overcome alot of different obstacles and hardships (nutrition, finances, attitudes and relationships). 

After wining a few races and getting quite proficient in running, he thought it would be a good idea to improve his strength surrounded by positive people, so he joined the Y. 

"As I frequented the YMCA more, I began to meet new people and experience different things, it helped me grow even more and expand my horizons," said Edward. "The YMCA is a great sanctuary for those who are seeking to grow and improve their lives in any area. It has undoubtedly fostered mine."