Mel Korum Family YMCA

When Donovan arrived for his first day of Top Chef Camp at the Y, he didn't know much about cooking. Over the course of the week, he discovered, to his surprise, that he loved experimenting with spices and flavor.

“I’ve used new ingredients that I’ve never heard of. Things like mustard seed and dill," Donovan said. "I’ve learned that adding spices and things like salt and pepper make food more flavorful and delicious!”

In addition to uncovering a knack for unleashing flavor, he also found that he enjoyed helping in the kitchen can be fun. Now, he can usually be found helping to prepare dinner with his mom. He especially likes to chop things. Candace, Donovan's mom, loves that her son has found something he's really interested in and that gives him confidence.

“He excels, makes friends, and has a place to belong," Candace said. "He’s confident with his abilities and more willing to try new things!”

We can’t wait to see what new things Donovan tries next summer!