Donald C.

Haselwood Family YMCA

While facing kidney failure and declining health, Donald joined the Haselwood Family YMCA to get more active. He immediately got to work in the pool for low impact exercise and started to notice that his weight had become more manageable. “I felt lighter, fitter, and had more stamina,” he said.

After working out in the pool, the sauna was his favorite place to relax. “It’s where I was able to keep the toxins in my body from building up by sweating them out.” According to Donald, “my new, healthier lifestyle helped me push the start of my dialysis treatment by a year.”

While Donald initially came to the Y to improve his health, he found something that so many others have here – community. “I have become part of a community. I found a safe place with great members and exceptional staff,” he noted.

One staff member, in particular, stood out to him because of the way she carried herself and the integrity she showed him and all around her. He recalls that one of the Haselwood lifeguards was, “so humble and great at her job. From the day she started, she has shown integrity in all that she does. The world would truly be perfect if we could all manage that.”

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