University Y Student Center

As a young kid, Dill was overweight for his age and his mom thought the Y would help instill healthy values, so she enrolled him in Summer Day Camp. 
"At YMCA Summer Day Camp, I learned about healthy eating and how good food will help you to grow stronger," said Dill. Dill was also empowered by the new, positive friendships he made that set him on the path to health. 
Dill became motivated to be healthier. He lost the extra weight and became more focused on nutrition. He decided he never wanted to be unhealthy again.
"Because of the bonds I made and healthy living I learned at the YMCA Day Camp when I was little, this helped me to later on become interested in fitness overall, and to want others to be the best they can be," said Dill. "Naturally, I went back to the YMCA and love it!" 
The friendships that Dill made at camp inspired him to help others. He currently works in membership at the University Y Student Center, but Dill does more than welcome members - he encourages them on their fitness goals, too. 
"The values I learned as a kid stayed ingrained in me and motivated me to help others at the Y. I have an intense passion to make our YMCA a special place for all members and staff, and I have a huge motivation to try to help us all do our best. Just like a family."