Denise J.

Tacoma Center YMCA

Denise was looking for something more challenging to add to her workout routine but was apprehensive about asking.

"I was always too shy to ask about resistance training, so I just did the elliptical machine and recumbent bike," she recalled. "Because of my lack of variety, I became bored and would stop going for a while, making excuses for myself." 

One day Denise's roommate decided to join the Y, and she accompanied her on her tour.

"We were shown the ActivTrax® system and I fell immediately in love with the idea of a program that would tell me exactly what to do and track my progress," said Denise. "I am one of those people who need accountability, so I decided to commit to the 12-week program, meeting with a counselor every two-four weeks. I am confident that the new Denise awaits me just around the corner."